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Construction Management

Since 1986, Dokken Engineering has been providing Construction Management services to public and state agencies for transportation projects.

Our CM services include performing constructability reviews, including careful review of staging concepts and plans; verifying the quantities, specifications and bid documents are adequate; assigning the right Resident Engineer, inspectors and material testers; setting up the project files in the correct format and categories; and managing the project by monitoring and reporting the contractor's daily operations, so the project is built within the allotted time and budget. Our assigned staff demand high quality of construction work and document the materials, labor and equipment used. At the conclusion of the project, the project files and a closeout report are prepared that will pass the vigorous state and federal project close-out audit.

Project types completed include roadways and freeways, interchanges, new bridges, replacement and widening of bridges, seismic retrofit of bridges, underground utilities, soundwalls, retaining walls, box culverts, buildings and foundations.

Clients that have hired Dokken Engineering to perform CM services include:

  • City of Corona
  • City of San Marcos
  • City of Santa Clarita
  • City of Ione
  • City of Sutter Creek
  • City of Oceanside
  • City of National City
  • City of Lancaster
  • City of Murrieta
  • City of Salinas
  • City of Porterville
  • City of Daly City
  • City of Anderson
  • City of Oroville
  • City of Newport Beach
  • City of Moorpark
  • City of Placerville
  • City of King City
  • City of Pine Grove

  • County of Lake
  • County of San Benito
  • County of San Diego
  • County of Sacramento
  • County of Los Angeles
  • County of Monterey
  • County of Stanislaus
  • County of Contra Costa

  • El Dorado County Transit
  • Amador County Transportation Commission
  • Amador Regional Transit System

  • El Dorado County Transit
  • Caltrans on-call services in Districts 7, 8, 11 and 12
  • Caltrans on-call services for Division of Structures

  • Elk Grove Unified School District


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