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Seabridge Pedestrian Bridge - Oxnard, CA
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Dokken Engineering employs professional engineering staff dedicated to the specialty of hydraulics and hydrology. These staff are experts in assessing drainage issues, conducting analyses, and coordinating with the other disciplines to develop balanced, cost-effective solutions. Dokken Engineering has extensive experience in all aspects of hydrology, hydraulics and drainage design including:

  • Watershed Analysis: Hydrology and flow development is the foundation of every drainage study. Dokken Engineering applies a comprehensive approach to analyzing each watershed, taking into consideration soil type, infiltration, ground cover, percent development, and overall terrain.

  • Roadway Drainage: Dokken Engineering utilizes its extensive drainage experience on every project. Through the application of spread analysis, inlet efficiency, culvert and storm drain analysis, ditch design, and detention basin design, our drainage designs keep roadways free of runoff and safe for the traveling public.

  • Scour Analysis: A thorough scour analysis is essential to the foundation of every bridge. Dokken Engineering applies its knowledge of pier, abutment, and contraction scour, as well as aggradation/degradation to prepare a comprehensive scour analysis and support the resulting revetment design.

  • CCTV Inspection: Investigating the alignment and condition of an existing facility is often the first step in developing a cost-effective design. Dokken Engineering has utilized this technology on multiple projects to evaluate existing conditions, facilitating decision making and ensuring accurate cost estimating.


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